NewsRadio, Season 3

NewsRadio, Season 3


  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2008-01-21
  • Episodes: 24
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
From 59 Ratings


When it comes to sidesplitting comedy and laughter, they're No. 1! Tune in for the third hilarious season of NewsRadio, the hysterical misadventures of the wackiest news team in New York. Join micromanaging news director Dave Nelson (Dave Foley), office weird guy Matthew Brock (Andy Dick), ambitious reporter Lisa Miller (Maura Tierney), and bombastic anchor Bill McNeal (Phil Hartman) as they do everything they can to keep NYC the best misinformed city in the world. Includes all 25 episodes from Season 3, featuring guest appearances by Jerry Seinfeld, Ben Stiller, Jon Stewart, Norm MacDonald, James Caan, and more!


Title Time Price
1 Review 22:23 USD 0.99 on iTunes
2 President 22:28 USD 0.99 on iTunes
3 Massage Chair 22:30 USD 0.99 on iTunes
4 Arcade 22:24 USD 0.99 on iTunes
5 Awards Show 22:27 USD 0.99 on iTunes
6 Stocks 22:24 USD 0.99 on iTunes
7 Halloween 22:26 USD 0.99 on iTunes
8 Day Dream 22:18 USD 0.99 on iTunes
9 Movie Star 22:25 USD 0.99 on iTunes
10 Rap 22:24 USD 0.99 on iTunes
11 Christmas 22:25 USD 0.99 on iTunes
12 Trainer 22:11 USD 0.99 on iTunes
13 Led Zeppelin Boxed Set 22:25 USD 0.99 on iTunes
14 Complaint Box 22:24 USD 0.99 on iTunes
15 Rose Bowl 22:23 USD 0.99 on iTunes
16 Kids 22:26 USD 0.99 on iTunes
17 Airport 22:25 USD 0.99 on iTunes
18 Twins 22:24 USD 0.99 on iTunes
19 Office Feud 22:24 USD 0.99 on iTunes
20 The Real Deal 22:24 USD 0.99 on iTunes
21 Our Fiftieth Episode 22:28 USD 0.99 on iTunes
22 Sleeping 22:23 USD 0.99 on iTunes
23 Mistake 22:25 USD 0.99 on iTunes
24 Space 22:24 USD 0.99 on iTunes



  • great show

    By wahoo1920
    A true 1990's classic... you should purchase every season.
  • Classic Comedy!

    By Daddybo5551
    So, I've already bought Seasons 1, 2, and I need all the OTHER seasons! Come on Itunes!
  • Great show but where is season 4?

    By DanielOfNYC
    This show really had a good run, and the tragic death of Phil Hartman was a great loss to the cast of this series. I recommend this show to anyone who want's a good genuine laugh. It is too bad that Apple has yet to post the final season of this series, and Im guessing due to the absence of Phil. Please post the last season to complete the series of a really amazing show.
  • More, please!

    By jq1111
    Newsradio is a classic. Where's season four?!
  • loved it

    By mugs94
    Ive seen every episode cuz i netflixed it. my favorite season tho is season 4 i hope thay put it on i love beth!!!!!
  • The template for any great comedy series in the last decade

    By lt_shinysides
    This show had a truly tragic existence. "News Radio" was only starting to realize it's full potential when Phil Hartman was tragically murdered. I still can't watch season 5 without wondering "if only...". However, if you watch the show with the frequency that I have, you can see that the show's ensemble format paved the way for shows like "Arrested Development", "The Office", and, more recently, "30 Rock". When you watch "The Office" and see the awkward inner-office nonsense, or when you see the go-for-broke insanity of "Arrested Development", remember that the template was set by this show like no other. By way of apology, I state this not realizing, at the time the show aired, how creepy Andy Dick would truly turn out to be.
  • Great Show

    By markpetrone1968
    This was a great show!!!
  • funny stuff

    By biiaaa
    this is one of the most underrated tv shows made if you like the office and arrested development youll love this show

    By Lovee
    The Massage Chair is my all time favorite episode. The cast was a great ensemble. We miss you Phil!!
  • This is actually season 4 of the show.

    By BLBensonOK
    This is actually season 4 of the show.