The 10 Best Films of Spanish Cinema Experiencing Its Golden Age in Recent Years

10) Pain and Glory (2019) 

IMDb 7.5

Pain and Victory is about director Salvador Mallo’s choices from the past to the present and the events that left a mark in his life. In the film, Mallo’s early love, which caused his childhood to be in the 60s, left the place he was born and spent his childhood in and immigrated with his family to a village in Valencia with his family, his search for prosperity, his heart-pounding first love in Madrid of the 80s, the writing as a means of therapy and The events that made him meet with cinema and get to know him are mentioned.

9) Mondays in the Sun (2002)

IMDb 7.6

The production, which offers direct stories about the era we live in, tries to tell the experiences of millions of people who share the same fate all over the world. The story of unemployed people living in the port city of Spain turns into one of the remarkable films of the recent period.

8) The Others (2001)

IMDb 7.6

America is trying to heal the wounds of the Second World War. Grave, who continues his life in New Jersey, lost his wife in the war. Since their children are allergic to the sun, they live in a very dark house. Grace assists and hires people who come to their mansions to get help from them. Grace’s daughter Anne has an imaginary friend named Victor. One day, the house is completely cut off from the rest of the world because of the fog. Grace and her children are left alone with their employees, whom they could never trust.

7) November (2003)

IMDb 7.7

Alfredo still believes that art can change the world, or, more accurately, change the state of the world. He comes together with his thoughtful friends and  forms the theater group they call november; they create their own manifesto, based on the basic principle that they will not accept money. The fun begins as the subway, streets and any public space turn into a place for artistic creativity.

6) Open Your Eyes (1997) 

IMDb 7.7

Cesar is a young man in his own way who knows what he wants. He has hopes for life and the future he sees in front of him is shining. One night she meets Sofia, a beautiful woman who is also interested in her friend Paleya. Cesar is now about to throw out all the cautious states he had up to that day. Cesar was created for this woman and is ready to do anything for this woman. Even committing crimes and running in prisons …

5) Talk To Her (2002)

IMDb 7.9

Benigno and Marco, two men who met by chance at a movie theater a while ago, meet again at a clinic soon after a game of fate. In this clinic where Benigno works as a paramedic, his lover Lydia is in a coma. Marco is there to support his matador lover Alicia, who is seriously injured by a bull and falls into a coma again. Over time, a strong friendship is formed between two men who share the same fate in many ways. Benigno tells Marco to talk to his comatose lover. Although the situation seems hopeless, he believes that miracles can happen.

4) The Sea Inside (2004) 

IMDb 8.0

Javier Bardem writes an epic with his performance in The Sea Inside, which is one of the most in-depth productions on euthanasia. In the film, Ramon Sampedro’s 30 years of bed-bound life is poignantly portrayed into the cinema. A tragic life in a bed for 30 years … After an accident in his youth, his only relationship with life is his window with a sea view.

3) The Invisible Guest (2016)

IMDb 8.1

Adrian Doria, a wealthy businessman,  was arrested by the police while the body of his photographer lover Laural Vidan stood next to him in a mountain hotel room  . He meets Virginia Goodman to create a reliable defense for himself. Adrian talks to Virginia about crime and his relationship with his lover, Laura. Not convinced by Adrian’s testimony, Virginia forces her to reveal dark spots of her story.

2) The Secret in Their Eyes (2009)

IMDb 8.2

The director, who retrospectively described an incident that took place in 1999, dates back to 1974. In June 1974, a government official, Benjamin Esposito, was assigned  to investigate a rape in Buenes Aires , and when he arrived at the crime scene, he was stunned by the  brutality. Esposito has sworn to find the killer and bring him to justice.

1) Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) 

IMDb 8.2

Ophelia, who is a lonely girl in the shadow of all the brutality of the fascist power in Spain , observes all the persecution of her sadistic father to those around her. The only place this little girl can escape reality is through her own imagination. Ophelia will begin to look for the peace that she cannot find in reality in her dreams. Meanwhile, brutality will continue to take place around Ophelia in all its harshness.

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