Paper Lives Review

The film tells the story of Mehmet, played by Ulusoy. Waiting for a kidney transplant, Mehmet is the “boss” of a paper and waste collection center. He is a “big brother” to many paper collectors of different ages, backgrounds and countries.

One day, when a nine-ten-year-old boy named Ali gets out of Mehmet’s best friend Gonzales’ paper cart, Mehmet doesn’t know what to do. Ali is beaten by his step-father and his mother warns him not to return home. Unable to bear this, Mehmet takes Ali with him and begins to look after him. He teaches him the job, but his friends are sure that Ali will get Mehmet in trouble.

Mehmet defends Ali against all his friends. Ali, on the other hand, is beaten, goes into a coma and tries to be kidnapped. Mehmet is always with him. But then something happens and Mehmet decides to confront Ali’s stepfather. Things will not go as expected at all.

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