Memento (2000)

“He’s probably my wife. Who could be besides him at this hour? ” He thinks: When you realize that you don’t know the woman you see when you open the door, we see the confused face throughout the movie. Constantly forgetting, not being able to accumulate memories, having no more than a point in your life. It always seemed very scary to me. The retrospective of the movie’s story already makes the mood even more chaotic. Both of our heroes from the movie Natalie (Carrie-Anne Moss Aka Trinity) and Teddy (Joe Pantoliano aka Cypher). As the fiction progresses, that is, as the time decreases, each scene surprises you. I especially loved the story setup in Natalie’s house. While you can even swear that the fist has been eaten by someone else, after a few minutes you are stranded.

This movie should definitely be watched a few more times. A movie that we will make rediscovery. When you go into the details, you feel inside you what the mind is and can play games for you. And you are afraid of yourself. Leonard Shelby (Guy Pearce) experiences this feeling very, very well. So is it possible to forget Sammy’s facial expressions? Oh, what a great movie I watched, friend.

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