Good Morning Veronica Review

Bom Dia, Verônica, or Good Morning Veronica, with its English name, attracted attention as one of the content produced by Netflix specifically for Brazil. In this series, which falls into the category of a criminal TV series, a police officer struggles organization that surrounds the state.

Good Morning Veronica has a highly modified script based on the famous name Raphael Montes. After a suicide in the police station, a police officer who is unable to feed himself realizes that he was actually blocked as he intensifies his investigations. I wonder how many people are selling him around, who is in favor of him?

As Veronica moves forward, she discovers that the facts (or, indeed, the facts she was told) are very different, putting her entire family in danger and solving the events.

Apart from the starting points hidden in the series, a very different series emerged when the harsh image brought by Brazil was added. Struggle with doubt and an unstoppable relationship push Veronica to make a surprising decision at the end of the season.

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