Commentary on Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan Documentary

The Netflix documentary Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan, which was announced to be released in 2019, was forgotten after a long time. Although it was announced that it would be postponed due to various problems, our hope was almost lost. But finally, the Netflix documentary series, described as the Japanese Game of Thrones, met with the audience on February 24. And thus, from the moment it came out, it managed to be the subject of the agenda. The first remarkable notes were that the documentary was of high quality visually and historically. 

In 2019, it was announced that the scenario would be shaped around the visuals of Feudal Japan. It was said that it would address many historical issues such as wars, massacres and so on and would be the focus of some individuals. Date Masamune, named one of the famous Japanese samurai with the nickname One-Eyed Dragon, appeared before Japanese history, culture and art fans with Netflix’s new documentary.

Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan Documentary Series Subject

Where does his nickname come from: Due to the discomfort he experienced in his childhood, one of his eyes became inflamed and almost blind. His infection has increased day by day and he has made the move to reveal his nickname. He took out his injured eye with his own hand. So he called other samurai “I am coming”.

It was quite impressive to see the shocking reality of Date Masamune, which went down in history as Japan’s most brutal and ruthless samurai. Date, who had his name written on dusty leaves with his killing his brother if he was brutal, interesting character, smiling face and strict behavior, met the questions of the curious viewers.

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