Alice in Borderland Review

Arisu and his two friends, who are empty men like him, enter the toilet at the subway station to escape from the police after crossing traffic. When they go out to see what happens when the electricity and surrounding sounds are cut off, they find that the streets of Tokyo are empty and only they are left in the city. They learn that in order to survive in this world, they must play deadly games. So how long will they last?

Alice in Borderland Review

Notice  that this post contains small spoilers from this point forward . It will not spoil your pleasure, but let me still make this little warning.

The series begins with seeing our character named Arisu playing computer games at home and it is clearly stated that he is a gamer, but it is not disturbingly emphasized. Then he gets bored and leaves the house and his friends Karube and Chota. But Karube is in a fight at the time, and Chota is not immediately able to see the message because she is with her mother. It is given the message that Karube is the powerful character in the story, and Chota is the emotional character, as it is stated that Arisu is a gamer at first. Thus, we get to know our main characters. The presentation of the characters of the series from the bottom is something I have encountered in very few series. Character development is happening gradually, but we see all the joys, depressions, indecisions, briefly all the details of their development, and as you can imagine, it is processed in a wonderful way.

Our characters go to the playground when they see ‘game about to start’ on a screen in the following minutes in the empty streets of Tokya. When the game is about to start, the “Clubs 3” playing card appears on the screen of the phones they buy in the game area. Although it doesn’t mean anything to any of them at the moment, as they’ll learn in the second part, the type and number of the cards determine the type and difficulty level of the game, and the cards are very important in the story of the series. After they finish the game, they see that they have a 3-day ‘visa’ on their phones, visa. In this way, our story begins literally. 

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