Wanting to have a laugh (alone or in company) and not knowing what is on TV? Don’t worry: here are a few great comedies you can find on Netflix right now.

There are many comedies for a laugh on Netflix, but these are the best. From among the hundreds of titles that can be found on the streaming platform, we have made a heterogeneous, wild and, above all, absolutely delusional selection . From teen comedies to satires of the most acclaimed genres of cinema, through music, historical portraits or animation, here are a few comic films that you will not want to miss.

If what you are looking for are series, we also have an ideal selection . But if you’ve woken up with movie buffs, you’re in the right place.

Choose your movie for tonight!

1) Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020)

Eurofan or not, this comedy with Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams is going to get you more than one laugh. They both play an Icelandic musical duo who dreams of representing their country at Eurovision, and, against all odds (and after suspicious circumstances), they will succeed. A film full of Eurovision cameos, from Conchita to Alexander Rybak , which is not so much a parody as a love letter to the legendary contest.

2) Wayne’s World (1992)

It’s hard to forget the now iconic scene in which the protagonists of this film travel by car to the beat of Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ . From there, everything is laughter. Penelope Spheeris tells the story of two friends ( Michael Myers and Dana Carvey ) who suddenly achieve the dream of their life when they are offered to do a television show together. But the road will be full of obstacles and temptations.

3) You Carry It! (2018)

If you missed it, it’s time to give it a shot – it’s one of the funniest comedies Hollywood has given us in recent years. Directed by Jeff Tomsic and with stars like Jeremy Renner , Ed Helms , Jon Hamm and Isla Fisher , it tells the story of a group of childhood friends who have always played the same game: to ‘you take her’. And they do it at very serious levels, putting their personal relationships and even their jobs at risk. Can they now take on the last player who has never been beaten?

4)The Big Short (2015)

Who Said Finance Can’t Be Fun? Especially if Margot Robbie explains them to you in a bathtub full of bubbles and a glass of champagne in hand. With these small touches of humor, Adam McKay made a scathing portrait of the origins of the 2008 economic crisis, through a group of characters who discovered what was going to happen and sought to make a profit. A look at an inhuman world from the mockery, with stars like Steve Carell , Christian Bale , Ryan Gosling or Brad Pitt.

5) Mean Girls (2004)

She wears pink on Wednesdays and we learned other great lessons from this iconic teen movie starring Lindsay Lohan , who plays a high school newcomer who looks more like a jungle. Although ‘nerdy’ in spirit, he joins the most popular of the place, led by the malevolent Regina George (Rachel McAdams), to sabotage them from within. And seeing it is a joy.

6) Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

Love is crazy and stupid, yes, but we keep falling into it over and over again hopelessly. That is what happens in the different stories that make up this puzzle, where everything is connected and love relationships are the center of attention. With big stars like Steve Carell , Ryan Gosling , Emma Stone , Julianne Moore or Kevin Bacon , it is a romantic comedy with memorable moments, including the recreation of the jump from ‘Dirty Dancing’.

7) The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013)

Should we laugh at the biopic of the life of a criminal like Jordan Belfort ? Maybe not, but it’s hard not to when the director is Martin Scorsese and the one who delivers his best physical comedy is Leonardo DiCaprio . With great excesses and a sour portrait of the world of Wall Street, this film speaks of the excessive ambition of the powerful and all the stupid things they can do when they are high.

8) Game Night (2018)

One of the best and most underrated comedies of recent years. Also one of the most surprising, and that is that it has script twists to leave you exhausted. Starring Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman , it takes us on an insane game night where they go from board games to high-risk situations, from kidnappings to shootings. Perhaps what they are living is no longer an innocent game, but who is going to risk losing it if it remains so? An ode to competitiveness and the craziest comedy.

9) Brian’s Life (1979)

The perfect comedy to watch at Easter. Nothing better than her to explain to you the story of Jesus Christ, the Virgin, the Cross, the blessed ones … Oh well, it’s not so much about him but about the guy who was born the same day, Brian, whose story follows his own delusional course. A product of the comic mind of the Monty Python , this is probably their great masterpiece.

10) My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)

One of the great romantic comedies of all time, where the heroine of the story could well be the villain. Julia Roberts is determined to ruin the wedding of her best friend, with whom she has realized that she is in love, and among her attempts we will see the tactic of jealousy, treacherous karaokes and professional entanglements. The result is what it is, but the way to it is the most fun. A classic of the genre that has not aged a day.

11) The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs (2018)

The Last of the Coen Brothers , produced by Netflix, was meant to be a series, but it makes a lot of sense that in the end it remained like a movie: its six different stories converge in a look at once comic and bitter at the collective imagination of the western. Perhaps some chapter will make you shed a tear, but, in general, the ‘Coenian’ comedy prevails.

12) The Sausage Party (2016)

With a story written by Seth Rogen , Evan Goldberg and Jonah Hill , this animated film proved that drawings are not always childish. In fact, they can be very foul-mouthed, political, and even risqué. Wow, some pigs. History tells us about the life of the supermarket products, who believe that when they are chosen they access a kind of paradise, but panic begins to spread among them when they discover that what awaits them is the belly of their buyers.

13) Bee Movie (2007)

A bee suing humans for eating its honey? One that, in addition, is up to the bow of working in a beehive and wants to live life a little? Well yes, this is the plot of this animated film, of which we only need one piece of information to know that it will be a comedy: Jerry Seinfeld provides the voice of the protagonist. From there, prepare your best laughs.

14) Hangover (2009)

Classic of North American comedy and turned into a blockbuster trilogy, courtesy of Todd Philipps (Joker). How? Well, imagining the craziest bachelor party of all time. Insuperable. In it, a group of friends wake up after the “hangover” and discover that the boyfriend has disappeared, there is a baby and a tiger in his room, one of them is missing a tooth and who knows what other horrible things.

15) Isn’t It Romantic? (2019)

If there’s something as cool as a good rom-com, that’s a good rom-com parody. All those platitudes and stereotypes are put into question in this film starring Rebel Wilson , who plays a woman who doesn’t believe in all those romantic kitsch and who one day finds herself immersed in a world full of them. All, in the end, to realize who the love of his life really is. A funny and self-aware comedy.

16) How To Get Rid Of Your Boss (2018)

Looking for something between comedy and romance? Netflix is ​​getting a fairly successful master’s degree in ‘rom-com’, and this is one of the best examples of it. Directed by Claire Scanlon , it tells the story of two interns who want to mess up their bosses so they don’t get so screwed up. Funny, witty and, of course, very romantic.

17) The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018)

Whether as an action duo or comedy duo, Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon are an absolute marvel. Her talent shines through in this Susanna Fogel film , which combines action with comedy and in turn with the spy genre. Now, not like the one we are used to in the James Bond saga. Here, the protagonist discovers that her ex-boyfriend was actually a spy, and without eating or drinking it, she finds herself involved with her best friend in an international espionage plot.

18) Pain And Money (2013)

Michael Bay ? Comedy? Voluntary? You are right! This, which seems to be a ‘bruised’ of things that explode starring three men with impossible muscles ( Dwayne Johnson , Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Mackie ), turns out to be a comedy not only tremendously funny, but also very self-aware and critical of the American Dream.

19) Something Very Fat (2017)

The latest from Carlo Padial , king of the underground ‘posthumor’ with ‘Mi loco erasmus’ or ‘Taller Capuchoc’, is once again a reflection on the limits of comedy, and of cinema itself. But, in addition, it is a hilarious film, led by Berto Romero and his existential disquisitions.

20) Little Devil (2017)

If you were amazed by ‘Tucker and Dale Against Evil’, you will love the new from its creator, Eli Craig , who maintains that absurd humor and reverence for the genre. If the ‘slasher’ was the focus of the tribute in the first, demonic possession – the Antichrist, specifically – is the central theme of this funny comedy about the relationships, sometimes demonic, between parents and children.

21) The Incredible Jessica James (2017)

Original Netflix production, this Jim Strouse film tells us about love in the days of Tinder from the overwhelming charisma of its protagonist, the comedian Jessica Williams . His emotional and sexual adventures reveal a feeling more alive than ever: the one that reveals the need to fit in, to connect, to fall in love.

22) Faith Of ETA Members (2017)

This original Netflix production was assured of quality by the always interesting Borja Cobeaga , director of the acclaimed ‘Negotiator’. Here, he introduces us to four ETA members who must live under the same roof while waiting for the big coup, while Spain advances in the World Cup. Can they stand the ‘lololos’ and the nation’s flags?

23) The Call (2017)

After succeeding on the Madrid stage, ‘La Llamada’ became films thanks to Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo (AKA Los Javis), who are now the most in-demand teachers in the country thanks to OT. In this musical, a religious camp becomes the setting for the appearance of God, who wears a suit and sings Whitney Houston .

24) The Meyerowitz Stories (2017)

The latest from Noah Baumbach , produced by Netflix, is a portrait of a family as artistic as it is unstructured, with past grudges that fly over the air and uncontrollable egos that destroy relationships. Adam Sandler , in one of his best roles, leads the cast of this comedy with a Woody Allen air.

25) Kiki, Love Is Made (2016)

Love is made, and how good it suits us. Paco León paid a tremendous tribute to love, sex and eroticism in this choral comedy that explores the sexual affiliations of different characters, freed from any social ties or tradition. And long live freedom!

26) Spanish Affair (2014)

You already know it: it is the highest grossing film in the history of Spanish cinema, and it will be for a reason. Although simple in its portrait of the regional topics of Andalusia and the Basque Country, this film by Emilio Martínez Lázaro has the irresistible charisma of a first-time Dani Rovira , and with a script meticulously devised to make you have a good time.

27) The Good Gide Of Things (2012)

It was quite a revelation in its year, and it is that this atypical romantic comedy with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper escapes all the conventions of the genre and presents us with two insane protagonists. And in his madness, love and dance – dance? – are born, and while we laugh for a while with his eccentricities.

28) Clueless (1995)

This modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’ has gone on to be one of the most beloved teen comedies of all time. Perhaps it is because of Alicia Silverston’s obvious charisma , or perhaps because of her horny look at adolescence. What is clear is that it has charm, and it is very, very funny.

29) All In One Day (1986)

If you want to enjoy the delights of John Hughes , you can turn to ‘The club of five’ or ‘The girl in pink’, but this is one of his roundest and most charming films. Ferris Bueller (Matthew Broderick) is a teenager who takes the day off with his friends to do mischief around Chicago.

30) Ghostbusters (2016)

Yes, we all enjoy the mythical eighties movie starring Bill Murray , Harold Ramis , Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson , but the cast of this female ‘reboot’ directed by Paul Feig is up there with Kristen Wiig , Melissa McCarthy , Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. And that’s not forgetting the crazy massive secretary played by Chris Hemsworth. All of them turn this movie into a hilarious comedy with lots of ghosts.

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